Spanish Super Cup vs Copa del Rey Whats The Difference?

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Everything You Need To Know About FootballSpanish Super Cup vs Copa del Rey Whats The Difference?

If youve just started following Spanish football, you may be confused about some of the competitions played in the country. The Spanish Super Cup and theCopa Del Reyaretwo big competitions played in Spain.

But whats the difference between them?

Contents1The difference between the Spanish Super Cup and the Copa Del Rey2Number of teams3Competition format4Extra time and penalties5Number of matches6Eligible teams7Frequency and Duration8Squad Size9Prizes for winning the competition10Verdict11Which is better between the Spanish Super Cup and Copa Del Rey?Real Madrid vs Lazio DLS gameplay

The Spanish Super Cup (or Supercopa de España), is amini-tournamentcontested by 4 of the best performing teams from La Liga and Copa Del Rey in the previous season. Meanwhile, the Copa Del Rey is the official cup competition in Spain which iscontested by 126 teams each year.

Here is anin-depth explanationof the differences between the two competitions:Number of teams

The Spanish Super Cup iscontested by four teams: the winners of the Copa Del Rey and La Liga, as well as, the runners-up of both competitions.

This is arelatively new formatthat began in 2020. Before that, the competition was only played by two teams: the winners of La Liga and Copa Del Rey.

Furthermore, the competition is nowheld in a foreign country(Saudi Arabia in 2022), instead of Spain!

Meanwhile, the Copa Del Rey has126 teams each seasonthat come from all tiers of professional Spanish football.Competition format

The Spanish Super Cup is afour-team knockout tournament. The winners of the Copa Del Rey and La Liga alongside the runners-up of both competitions are drawn against each other randomly into a semi-final tie and the winners go on to play the final.

The 2021/22 Spanish Super Cup was contested by Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and Athletic Bilbao .

Meanwhile, the Copa Del Rey is aknockout competition. This means that the winner of each match will progress on to the next stage.

The loser will automatically be eliminated from the competition!Extra time and penalties

If a game in the Spanish Super Cup ends in a draw after 90 minutes, the game goes toextra time and then penalties. This applies to both the semi-final and final games.

You can find out more about penalty shootoutsin this guide.

For the Copa Del Rey, extra time and penalties are present in every round of the competition from the preliminaries all the way to the final.

Unlike theFA Cup,the Copa Del Rey does not have replays.Number of matches

The Spanish Super Cup only consists of a semi-final and final. This makestwo games available to each sideto win the competition.

In the Copa Del Rey, there are 7 rounds to be played before teams can win the final.All of the teams in Spain will start playing in Round 1, including teams from La Liga.

However, the four teams that participate in the Spanish Super Cup dont join the competitiontill the Last 32 stage.Eligible teams

To be eligible for the Spanish Super Cup, you need to either win or be the runner-up inLa Ligaor Copa Del Rey.This qualifies you for the next seasons Spanish Super Cup.

If the same team wins both La Liga and the Copa Del Rey, the 4th team in the Super Cup will be the third-placed team in La Liga.

For the Copa Del Rey,every official team in the Spanish football pyramid is eligible to contest in the tournament. This includes clubs from La Liga all the way down to the grassroots level.Frequency and Duration

The semi-finals and finals of the Spanish Super Cup are played in January and are played within the same week.

This is in contrast to other Super Cups like theUEFA Super Cupand theFA Community Shield. These cups are considered to be the curtain raisers of the season and will be played in August.

The Copa Del Rey begins in Novemberand the final is played in May. Unlike theFA Cup, top-flight teams join from the first round, so you can see some upsets very early in the competition.Squad Size

The Spanish Super Cup allows amaximum of 22 players in the squad. This includes 11 starters and 11 players on the substitutes bench.

The rules for the Copa Del Rey are the same. Coaches are required to name a 22-man squad for the match.Prizes for winning the competition

Here are the prizes teams will receive for winning the competitions:

The winners of the Spanish Super Cup add the Super Cup trophy to their cabinet. The winners also get3,800,000in prize money.

For the Copa Del Rey, the winners will be crowned the Spanish Cup Champions. Moreover, they will achieve automatic qualification for theUEFA Europa Leaguegroup stages, as well as an accumulative cash price of1,800,000.

Here is the summary of the comparison between the Spanish Super Cup and Copa Del Rey:Spanish Super CupCopa Del ReyNumber of

formatEliminationEliminationFrequencyAnnualAnnualDuration4-5 daysNovember MayEligible teams2 winners and 2 runners-up

off La Liga and Copa Del ReyAll Spanish professional clubsNumber of matches2Max of 7Squad size2222Presence of replaysNoNoPrizes for winningSpanish Super

Cup trophyEuropa League + Spanish Super CupWhich is better between the Spanish Super Cup and Copa Del Rey?

The Copa Del Rey may beconsidered to be more prestigiousthan the Spanish Super Cup as it gives teams that chance to qualify for the UEFA Europa League and is a more historical competition.

However, with the Spanish Super Cup expanding and now being played abroad, the value of the competition will continue to rise in the coming years.

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